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O sobie: The wet pan mill is called a wet mill. According to different working methods, it is divided into rolling mill, amalgam mill, iron mill and electric mill.According to different structural methods, it is divided into wheel mill, double mill and three mills. The wet mill is a modernized and improved grinding equipment commonly used in small and medium-sized concentrators.
鈱?/strong> Rotating speed 鈱?/strong>锛?/strong>13-25 r/min
鈱?/strong> Feeding size 鈱?/strong>锛?/strong><25 mm
鈱?/strong> Application range 鈱?/strong>锛?/strong>It is used for grinding operations of various ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals, as well as grinding, selection and processing of rare metal gold and silver.
Outstanding advantages
路 Uniform grinding, high quality finished product
The roller is combined with the mixing and slurrying function while rolling and smashing minerals. The material and water are thoroughly mixed uniformly to stabilize the grinding indexes such as the slurry concentration. The finished product has high density, good strength and no porosity.
路 Make full use of resources, energy efficient
In the iron ore process, the tailings are recovered by a wet mill without losing the ore powder. Make efficient use of resources, energy efficient, and high output.
路 Stable operation and reliable quality
The wet mill has a simple structure and is easy to operate. The grading granularity can be strictly controlled to avoid the phenomenon that the mineral is excessively pulverized or the grain size is uneven, and the quality is guaranteed.

Equipment composition
The wet mill is mainly composed of power units, racks, water basins, grinding wheels, and rolling plates.

Working principle
he wet mill adopts the working mode of the wheel-type grinding: firstly, the electric motor drives the power to the speed reducer, and the torque is transmitted to the upper horizontal shaft through the large vertical shaft driven by the speed reducer. Then, the tie rods installed at both ends of the horizontal axis are transmitted to the grinding wheel, so that the grinding wheel generates driving force, and the counterclockwise rotation motion is performed along the horizontal direction of the horizontal axis. The working wheel can not only revolve around the large vertical axis of the wet mill, but also rotate around the central axis of the roller, and the grinding disc is fixed.The added ore material is subjected to the pressing force from the weight of the drum itself in the mill. When the roller rotates and rotates, the huge friction generated by the grinding disc is completely crushed after repeated extrusion, smashing and grinding.

Technical Parameters
Model Specification(mm) Feed particle size(mm) Rotating speed锛坮/min) Motor Power(kw) Machine weight (t)
1600A 1600脳400脳200脳500卤20 <25 20-22 6-30 14.5
1500A 1500脳350脳200脳460卤20 <25 20-22 6-22 13.3
1500B 1500脳350脳150脳460卤20 <25 20-22 6-22 12.3
1500C 1500脳300脳150脳420卤20 <25 20-22 6-22 11.3
1400A 1400脳250脳150脳350卤20 <25 16-18 6-18.5 8.5
1400B 1400脳250脳150脳350卤20 <25 21-23 6-18.5 8.5
1350A 1350脳250脳150脳350卤20 <25 16-18 6-18.5 8
1350B 1350脳250脳150脳350卤20 <25 21-23 6-18.5 8
1300A 1300脳250脳150脳350卤20 <25 16-18 6-15 7.5
1300B 1300脳200脳150脳350卤20 <25 21-23 4-15 7.5
1200A 1200脳220脳80脳270卤20 <25 17-19 6-7.5 5.5
1200B 1200脳200脳80脳250卤20 <25 23-25 6-7.5 5.5
1100A 1100脳200脳80脳250卤20 <25 17-19 6-7.5 5
1100B 1100脳180脳80脳250卤20 <25 23-25 4-7.5 5
1000 1000脳200脳80脳250卤20 <25 13-15 4-7.5 4.5
the production capacity of different materials is different, please consult for more details: 0086-371-66888887
We promise
1. Pre-sales service, actively provide technical data support for customers, free to provide program design and investment quotation estimates.
2. Provide customers with tailor-made global transportation arrangements to ensure safe and fast delivery of goods.
3. Regularly return visits to all users to track product usage, ensure that equipment is in optimal working order, and help customers achieve maximum benefits. Grinding Equipment suppliers

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